Reviews on stock market broker EXANTE

Analysis of brokerage Exante from real trader with 15 years of experience


The final mark for Exante online trading platform is 4.5. It has a convenient trading terminal, low commissions for financial operations, a large number of markets, several useful technologies.

The company started brokerage services in 2010. It launched its own platform. It immediately positioned itself in the market as a large player. It was able to form the authorized capital in the amount of 50 mln Euros. A year later it received its first European license. Further events related to this company:
  • In 2012, a Bitcoin fund was opened;
  • In 2015, we managed to obtain a second European license;
  • In 2017, the opening of promising projects - Stasis, Exantech, Comino - is announced;
  • In 2019, the company receives its first Asian license (the same year it opens an office in Amsterdam);
  • In early spring 2020, a record number of traders are registering on the broker's website.
Today the company has a very developed partner network. It cooperates with such well-known organizations as Bank of China, HSBC, Alpha Bank. It offers special terms and conditions to the clients of these organizations.
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Traders have access to more than 50 currency pairs.


Available for trading - silver, gold, palladium, etc.


A wide range of contracts is offered.


There are convenient filters to quickly find a suitable option.


There are more than 200 of them.


Corporate and government, exchange-traded and over-the-counter.

Advantages of Exante platform:
  • The desktop version of the terminal runs on all popular OS versions - Linux, Windows.
  • Mobile version of Exante trading platform can be downloaded from Play Market (for Android smartphones) and App Store (for iOS devices).
  • The interface is translated into 10 languages. It does not require switching between accounts to perform transactions on different trading floors.
  • It has a handy Drag-and-Drop function. You can simply drag-and-drop an instrument into any window, and all the information on it will be available.
  •  It is also possible to connect the API system.
  • there are not many technical indicators in the "Chart" window;
  • It is not possible to add third-party indicators to the program;
  • insufficient information on investment products.

All three brokerage companies provide traders with a wide range of services based on official licenses obtained from well-known regulatory countries.



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Saxo Bank

From 1:1 to 1:50
Amount of commissions
0,02% of turnover amount
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There is no such restriction
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 For small traders like me, EXANTE broker is unrealistically cool. Easy to navigate and diverse in functionality, provides a low cost way to global markets. The cost is paltry for using the services when compared to other platforms. Terms and conditions are simple, all actions are transparent and reliable as it is the leader. Provides information on all products traded and details on all industry rules. In a given situation tech support is prompt and ready to help if needed. I am happy to use this platform and spend a mere penny for the complete software. 

William Jones
3 years of experience in trading

 I have been a loyal customer for over 5 years now. At first it took me a little while to get used to working with the program from a desktop computer, but in the last two years I switched exclusively to the mobile version of the app, which is just great. Every month it's getting easier to use, they're constantly adding lots of great new features. The trading platform is sophisticated and has a wide range of products. The platform also offers many good ways to trade stocks, futures, and options. The customer portal interface is user friendly and they offer a wide range of financing options which makes my transactions easy. Unparalleled among discount brokerage companies. The ability to trade worldwide from your mobile device. Commissions and other fees are very low. Great execution! 

Jude Wilson
10 years of experience in trading

 One of the best and most reliable brokers in the stock market which allows to work with all types of assets. The price is quite reasonable and acceptable for me. It is possible to get many different services. It is possible to conduct almost all permissible operations and trades through the mobile application. The technical orientation is excellent. Although there are some inconsistencies with the option settings. It also sometimes resets to the latest stock quotes. But all in all it is fixable and does not interfere with the work. I am also very impressed by low commissions and low interest rates. It turns out to be a pretty decent savings. 

Poppy Fox
7 years of experience in trading

Exante broker legitimately provides modern trading platform for trading. Has all necessary permissions from the main regulators. Provides quick access to the American, European and Asian exchanges. Its terminal works seamlessly on PCs and mobile devices. The company's fee schedule is absolutely transparent - there are no hidden fees. The work of the support service leaves much to be desired.